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Frieda Babbley received her degrees in Literature and Creative Writing, with a minor in Psychology, from Webster University.

Some of her favorite topics to write about: vintage anything, true fashion and beauty, the little things in life, food, holidays and customs, poetry and books, things Greek.

She was an Official HubPages Hubbnugget two weeks in a row! Yes! With "How to Keep Yourself Beautiful All the Time" and "Picture Perfect Postcards - How to Make Your Own".

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      • Congrats Candie V - 100 fans!

        Congrats Candie V - 100 fans!

        8 years ago

        Special congrats to Candie V.  In two short months she has just recieved a medal for having 100 fans.  You go girl!http://hubpages.com/_friedarecommends/profile/Candie+V

      • rejected by e-bay... again

        rejected by e-bay... again

        8 years ago

        This is the third time I have been rejected by e-bay and have no idea why.  There's nothing odd about my hubs.  Now, I don't know what their ruling is, but it doesn't seem fair and (perhaps I'm inept at this)...

      • Today is National 'HOLY COW, YOU'RE HOT' Day!

        Today is National 'HOLY COW, YOU'RE HOT' Day!

        8 years ago

        OMG!  I wish I'd have seen this one earlier today.  In honor of today, I just want to say to all hubbers out there:HOLY COW, YOU'RE HOT!!!!!!!!And in case you'd like to know, I'm a hottie too, so feel free to...

      • Spam fans

        Spam fans

        8 years ago

        Is there any way to delete "spam fans" aka those who when you go back and look at their hubtivity all they've done for hours is become fans of hubbers, and when you note their score, it's a 1 and they've been...