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Information and my writings regarding health, environmental, cultural, political, and social issues and the world's drug culture.

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      • Hub Traffic

        Hub Traffic

        3 years ago

        Hub TrafficI just am curious... On average, how many views do your best hubs get after 30 days?  I know it is different for everyone.  I guess I just want to know how good I am at directing traffic to my...

      • Fiat Currency Around the World

        Fiat Currency Around the World

        3 years ago

        Fiat Currency Around the WorldDo you think an article about the fiat currency used around the world would be an article a broad audience would read?  Thanks.  :-)

      • Hub Scores Fluctuating.

        Hub Scores Fluctuating.

        3 years ago

        It seems that now I have been more active on the site, HubPages has lowered my scores on some hubs, but also increased my score on others.  Anyone know why that is?  Thank you, everyone!  :-)

      • Why is my hub scored so low?

        Why is my hub scored so low?

        3 years ago

        I just wrote a new article: http://fryday.hubpages.com/hub/Desoxyn I am trying to figure out why I scored a 73, while my other articles have scored 83+....  I would appreciate anyone's input and constructive...