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I am Pauline, the soft toy designer behind the Funky Friends Factory - Brisbane Australia. I've been sewing and knitting my own toys and dolls since I was a kid, but it took until my 30s (OK, mid-30s) to realize that you're never too old to do what you love! I started out making 'baby-safe bunnies' for all my friends who were having babies. The bunnies had sewn on faces and no chewable, choke-able bits. They were so popular that I moved on to mass-production (that's where the 'Factory' bit in "Funky Friends Factory" comes from! I started producing the Funky Friends Factory toy patterns, in 2001, and have had my Funky Friends Factory website since 2006. What I love most about my website is that it has allowed me to 'meet' the most wonderful, generous, helpful crafty people and I've formed some incredible long-distance friendships with people from around the world (who I've never met face to face!) If there's one thing I'd love to do all day, it would be to sew. and it's been a great joy for me to see other people get enjoyment from my creations. I hope you'll enjoy my little critters as much as I do. Happy sewing! Pauline

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    Homemade Teddy Bears for Charity

    3 years ago

    When I first heard about the Squidoo Summer Sunshine Award for Charity, I wondered why I hadn't thought about making a lens before now, to let everyone know all about the BILLION BEARS CHARITY DRIVE? If you haven't...