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I am GalaxyRat. Welcome, come sit by the fire and warm your hands.Take some cookies from the tin- the chocolate ones are homemade- and listen to the whistling storm outside. You have come for refuge from the storm I see. These summer thunderstorms draw people from all over to come and seek me and my comforting warmth.

Yes, take a look around. In the bookcase, you will see Harry Potter books. They are my favorite. Dusty old books that I treasure, but none more than my ancient Bible. It is like a king among the others, and there it should be.

You say this place is comforting, yes, it is. Don't mind the rats. They are pets, mind you, and always welcome newcomers. See the tiniest one? That's Scabbers, and he loves to groom and snuggle in your lap when he's tired. He loves the fire the most.

Then there is Templeton. He is the most docile, you see. He loves to sleep in his carrier near the door. Can't you see him now? He's the little pile of grey and white fur. Bless his soul.

That one? That's Little Chef. He is cooking up some soup, although he won't taste it himself. Don't worry, he is an excellent chef. He will be done with our dinner shortly.

You have noticed the pile of paper on top of the very tall bookcase. That is my poetry. Most of it is sinister, you see. Take a few, and indulge.

Ah. Thank you, Little Chef.

Here is your soup. Tell me about yourself. Why did you seek me from the storm? Maybe you heard some of the rumors about my Rat writings, or my poetry. Maybe friends sent you here. No matter who you are, I welcome you. Everyone has once been here. Dozens of people have tread these paths to my cozy cabin. Now, get more comfortable. Your bedroom is on the right in the hall.

You can stay with me for a night. If you want to visit more, you are welcome to. I will always have the cookies and soup ready.

Now, let's talk.

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