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Walter Gassenferth (gassenf)

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  • The Half Filled of a Glass

    The Half Filled of a Glass

    5 years ago

    All activities or companies on Earth share a resemblance with a glass partially filled: Sometimes they are full enough, or at times, they are just too low on its capacity. When the filled part is dominant, no one looks at the empty part, therefore the possibility of developing or practicing the...

  • The Leaving of a Veteran

    The Leaving of a Veteran

    5 years ago

    A former manager of a large Brazilian company of telecommunications, commenting on an article about the entry of a beginner to a company, recalled the departure of the veterans of the companies where he worked and said: "... the organization should care in labor replacement officiating a company's...

  • A Newbie's Arrival

    A Newbie's Arrival

    5 years ago

    The arrival of a new life on the planet is always covered with positive expectations, motivation of those who will receive him (the parents), and a lot of preparation. Parents make the baby’s trousseau, prepare a place to accommodate him – a crib -, and a place to store all the newborn things. On...

  • Peer Control

    Peer Control

    5 years ago

    Gary Hamel, professor at the London Business School and owner of Strategos consulting, during an interview for the program “Conta Corrente” of GloboNews described a new way of managing companies, that he calls Management 2.0. One aspect of this newer style of management refers to the expense...

  • The Corporate Stockholm Syndrome

    The Corporate Stockholm Syndrome

    5 years ago

    The Stockholm syndrome is a particular psychological state developed by some people who are kidnapping victims. The syndrome develops from the victim's attempts to identify with her captor or gain the sympathy of the kidnapper. At the end of an extended interaction the victims tends to defend and...

  • More Than an Organizational Synchronism

    More Than an Organizational Synchronism

    5 years ago

    Organizational Synchronism (2007) is a new management concept developed by professors Paulo Rocha and Alan Albuquerque, of Fundação Dom Cabral, the objective of which being to organize the activities of a company through the alignment of three key-factors for its operations: the company’s...

  • Champion Teams

    Champion Teams

    5 years ago

    What makes a team better than others? What is the secret of the success of a high-performance workgroup?

  • How to define a performance indicator

    How to define a performance indicator

    5 years ago

    By the definition, an indicator is a numeric variable to which is assigned a goal and that is brought periodically to the attention of managers of an organization. But how to define an indicator?

  • The Virtualization of Modern Times Has Returned us to Nomadism?

    The Virtualization of Modern Times Has Returned us to Nomadism?

    5 years ago

    New generations (Y and Z) are accused by the oldest dive too deep in the virtual world of INTERNET losing with this, the relationship skills with their fellows and even with other species on the planet. Is this a true statement? The facts and data...

  • Establishing a Processes Office

    Establishing a Processes Office

    5 years ago

    Roger Tregear et. al, in his book ‘Estabelecendo o Escritório de Processos’ (1998) (Establishing a Process Office), depicts the steps to establish an office that provides knowledge, methodologies, tools and infrastructure to a company with an aim at supporting the organization to operate by...


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