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I am a travel and restaurant buff. I am both in to gourmet restaurants as well as into local food wherever I travel in the world. We try and visit one or two new places in the world every year besides our regular haunts, more on that below.

I am now in my sixties and after a long career in financial services, mostly working in London I have now retired. My wife of 38 years and I now spend our time between London and Bangalore in India. We have two married daughters, the elder one in California and the younger one in Toronto, and we spend time every year with them as well. So those are our regular haunts.

My other interests are politics and history. Primarily British politics, but I also follow what is happening in America, India, Canada and Europe. I am also interested in colonial history and devour books on history as well as historical fiction and biographies. I have also always been a Tom Clancy fan and besides having read his entire oeuvre I continue to eagerly read the new ones authoprised by his estate after his death. The same goes for James Bond movies and books.

I think I am catholic in my tastes and at this stage I am not quite sure what I will write on in Hub Pages I addition to travel and food reviews.

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