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The PeriClean is a brushless toothbrush which adequately addresses the disadvantages of a regular toothbrush. While a toothbrush may destroy the enamel, cause gum recession, hypersensitivity and abrasion, the PeriClean brushless toothbrush goes easy on the teeth, but offers a highly effective solution to oral hygiene. Let’s take a closer look at the genius behind this amazing product.

Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS, had been in the dental profession for over 35 years. In his rich and extensive experience he had seen hundreds of patients with varying dental problems. Back in 1973, not many people knew about Periodontics. Dr. Gruber was instrumental in educating patients and even dentists about the revolutionary field of oral care. One of the surgical procedures he performed quite often was the Soft Tissue Graft, where the missing gums on the front of the teeth are replaced by the method of grafting. This procedure was usually done on patients who hardly had any gums due to over-brushing with a toothbrush.

Over the years, Dr. Gruber realized that many of his patients had the same problems. They were over-brushing without realizing the consequences. Not only did their teeth turn pale yellow as the enamel was being destroyed, but there were other problems associated with gum recession and infections. Many of his patients would casually ask him if he knew of an alternative to the toothbrush or whether he could invent something that would do the job.

Motivated by his genuine concern for his patients and the personal experience of having had perio problems during his childhood, Dr. Gruber decided to develop a product that cleans as well as protects the natural anatomy of the tooth. He felt it was time that the toothbrush had a competitor so people would have the choice to decide what was best for them. Further, he made it a point to empower his patients with accurate and relevant information regarding oral hygiene so they could take informed decisions.

After a few years of fine-tuning his design, Dr. Gruber launched the PeriClean—a toothbrush without hard bristles. Since it doesn’t have hard bristles, it helps prevent damage to the enamel and gums. Using the PeriClean you can remove plaque as it forms so you don’t have to deal with hard tartar. Dr. Gruber recommends the use of PeriClean as well as dental floss to reach those tiny gaps between your teeth. This effective combination will keep your teeth white and bright.

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