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The Mission of the Dads House Educational Center Groups is to teach Divorced & Single Fathers on their rights AND responsibilities to children.
We're not here to solve the problems of fathers, but to teach them how to solve them on their own, with the tools and information you will gain here. In this manner, when faced with a new situation, you will know what to do, or how to find what to do, right away.
The price for using the material is to PAY IT FORWARD. Tell others about what you found here. Use your Social Network to spread the word.
This is the importance of education, FOR WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES POWER!! If you're here simply to avoid Child Support, PLEASE GO AWAY. If you're here to be a responsible and involved father, than WELCOME. However, involvement also requires financial stability. In these economic times, fathers need to learn how to survive to remain involved.

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  • Child Custody Prep & Interrogatories

    Child Custody Prep & Interrogatories

    4 years ago

    noun in•ter•rog•a•to•ry plural in•ter•rog•a•to•ries Definition of INTERROGATORY A formal question or inquiry; especially A written question required to be answered under direction of a court ...

  • My Married Girlfriend Is Pregnant

    My Married Girlfriend Is Pregnant

    5 years ago

    She gave you a sob story about how her husband doesn't love her, beats her, ignores her, works too many hours, etc. The affair has been going on hot and heavy for some time, yet she is still with her husband. Have you...

  • Abuse Allegations In Family Law

    Abuse Allegations In Family Law

    4 years ago

    Falsely accusing your former spouse of abuse, whether domestic or child abuse, is a common tactic in the Family Court System. Don't be surprised if your ex throws this one at you. Given the current political and social...

  • Dads Visitation & Access Rights

    Dads Visitation & Access Rights

    4 years ago

    In today's society, nearly half of children are being born to single mothers. Combine this with the high rate of divorce and a parent (usually the father) ends up on the outside looking in, wondering what is happening...