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Hi I am Kim, I am a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Research graduate.

Over the years after I graduated I have been working primarily on Search Engine Optimization. I havn't used my acquired skills as a statistician since I graduated. But there are aspects on search engine optimization where I used my statistics to do research.

Its been a rough year since I graduated as there is no direction on what I would tackle. Although I have been doing SEO and had a stable job, our mere human existence tells us to venture out into other untouched realms on which few on the society is merely being able to see. In short I am not contented and satisfied with what I have.

In an unexpected turn of fate I have been blessed with a daughter. Then I realized ,like all came poring down on me, the great things in life. It boils down to a point of realization that there are infinite things in this world that will make you happy without harming yourself or others. Its just a matter of appreciation.

I decided to straighten things up, part of it is making good, useful, and quality post in hubpages. I would like to be credible on my articles in the future. Combined with my interests in sports, health, technology, science, business, pets, and a background in Statistics and Research, I am looking forward to fuse all of these acquired interests and academics to form a reliable source of information on hubpages.

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