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Goldenpath has an affinity for disaster emergency preparedness and teaching personal financial responsibility and domestic self reliance. Goldenpath loves the ambrosia taste of chocolate to soothe the necessities of life! Genuine leadership is what goldenpath strives for in patriotic and modern governments. Goldenpath loves faith and teaching gospel principles. Goldenpath addresses urban dwelling gardening and high level gardening and overcomes the inherent obstacles. These and many more subjects including space prospects and theoretical sciences are the life-blood of goldenpath.

Writing is awesome and is something goldenpath has always wanted to do. Now goldenpath wants to share his written knowledge to the world and invite all to join in the creative journey of writing. Find glory in your talent and influence through the written word. Bypass the publishing companies of old and click My HubPages Voice NOW to let your thoughts be heard worldwide. Full liberty to express oneself is – the goldenpath!

Learn public speaking skills!

Learn to shine your shoes!

Learn to tie a clove hitch knot!

Learn the humbling experience of Asperger Syndrome and the conquest over Epilepsy!

Learn the rich history of the Native American!

Let your light so shine as goldenpath has through pure knowledge. Click My HubPages Voice and start your own journey today!

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