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If there is a person more obsessed with animals and nature than me, it is probably Sir David Attenborough. For some reason, my parents did not seem particularly happy when I announced them my intention to leave for Africa to study lions (I was about eight and I remember very clearly my father’s eyes going perfectly round-shaped) but they believed my interest was worth being encouraged. That’s why I got every pet I wanted –dogs, cats, birds, lizards, rodents of all sorts and even a nice ball python. I also took part par in various volunteer programs in animal care centers and now my biggest ambition is to go abroad to for a wildlife rescue project (which expect to fulfill no later than in 2016).

Anyway, as a considerable part of my budget is devoted to pet supplies, I feel an urge to share my experience as to what is good for pets of all kinds. If I had more information in my childhood, I would not have had to go through trial and error with some of my pets!

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