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Gosupress is a small independent publishing company mainly publishing high quality content on web 2.0 platforms like Hubpages and Squidoo.

We love to publish articles that make the world a little bit better: a thousand words at a time.

Think of products that improve people's health or information to help them manage their financial life or where to get gifts that will be truly appreciated.

If you are a writer on Hubpages feel free to add me on G+ or send me an e-mail if you want to talk about writing on Hubpages and other platforms like it.

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      • Do groups ever get hubs de-indexed?

        Do groups ever get hubs de-indexed?

        4 years ago

        Recently I have been writing more hubs because they were doing well and my traffic was improving fast and now suddenly they have dropped of the face of the earth. For one the reason was: it was copied and I filed a DMCA...

      • Unfairly flagged

        Unfairly flagged

        4 years ago

        So I get this message: "This Hub has been identified as promoting unrelated site(s) or product(s). In order to have it republished, you will need to remove all links and product capsules that do not directly relate...