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Hello world. I have one cute husband, one fine son, one lovely daughter, six (yes, six) wonderful grandchildren and two dogs. Our great grandson, Bentley James, was born October 4, 2013. He was 6 weeks early and weighed less than 4 pounds.Bentley has grown and is a healthy 9 pounder now. My favorite mission project is crocheting and collecting hats to donate to the homeless people at the Day Center for the Homeless in Tulsa. Though I learned to Crochet wayyyy back in 1970, this mission just started in about 2005. There are so many homeless people in the United States that I can't possibly help them all. But I can warm a few more heads each winter. A new project for me which I am learning to enjoy is writing. I always hated having to write essays in school. I never was much of a letter writer. It seemed I couldn't think of interesting things to write about. Now I am learning to write about what is interesting to me. And I'm enjoying it very much. So far I have created 6 websites (2 of them for businesses), in addition to my writings here at Squidoo. I like watching movies at home with Steve, my husband, and our two pups, Spanky and Rosie. I enjoy taking the grandchildren to the library and museums. When the weather is pleasant, we go to a park where they can go really wild, as children love to do. We also like to do a lot of crafts together. Now that they are growing into their tweens and teens, they don't come quite as often, but I still get weekends with them now and then. Photographs have always fascinated me. It is a joy to look at them and to take the photos myself. Family photographs of my ancestors help me feel connected to those who have passed on. Today's photos of family help me feel connected to those who are still here but not in my house. Getting that just right shot is a challenge I enjoy. Baking is another favorite. Bread, cakes, brownies, old-fashioned fudge. One of my co-workers asked me: "If you're on a diet, why do you keep making that stuff?" Why? Because I love it. And I'm really good at it. And it smells so good. And it's somehow a soothing experience to go into the kitchen and rattle some pans. I just need to learn 'moderation.' Or just eat a little and give the rest to the grandchildren.

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