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Gruene Steam is a company with over 30 years tenure in the retail floor care vertical.

In recent years, the organization’s executive staff grew concerned with potential health risks posed by exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. Thus, the organization turned its focus to providing more environmentally friendly floor cleaners and products to its consumers.

In 2006, Gruene Steam honed in on pure, natural steam as a valid alternative to abrasive and possibly harmful cleansing substances by offering steam mopvariations and other steam cleaningoptionsto buyers. However, the already existing technology and products proved disappointing and easily broken. The company, utilizing direct input and suggestions from consumers, then forged ahead to create its own eco-friendly floor cleaner and various other green steam mop products.

Today, Gruene Steam provides a green floor cleaner solution for virtually any floor care situation. Still focusing on the natural elements found in steam, the company offers an environmentally sound steam floor cleaner, H2o steam mop as well as an H2o steam floor cleaner. Gruene Steam also offers customers a hard surface floor cleaner and wood floor steam cleaner to ensure a bio-conscious solution for various surface types. As an added benefit, these products are designed to use practically any type of towel or pad, ensuring that consumers will never have to buy expensive replacement pads.

Additionally, the company has also added a hand held clothes steamer to its diverse list of products and attachments. The hand held steamer helps press garments and can even sanitize mattresses without the fear of exposure to harmful and abrasive chemicals. This varied portfolio of environmentally conscious cleaning solutions and vacuum products has enabled Gruene Steam and ABC Vacuum Warehouse to enjoy over 3 decades of business success.

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