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  • Some Features of Puritan Age

    Some Features of Puritan Age

    7 years ago

    Puritan age is marked by the decline of Renaissance age: the age of revival of knowledge. Puritan age is further divided into two classes;  the Jacobian period in which James.I was the ruler  Caroline period in which Charles.I was the...

  • Avoid Junk Food in College and Save Money and Health

    Avoid Junk Food in College and Save Money and Health

    7 years ago

    Junk food is cheap to buy and fast to eat. These are the only characteristics for which we love to eat them. As we have developed habit of eating junk food we have started liking their taste too. Otherwise think about the taste of a hamburger,...

  • Similes and Metaphors

    Similes and Metaphors

    7 years ago

    Similes List: Nature Similes: Clear as water on the far away shores of sea Clouds as soft as snow balls Burning in sun rays like corns baked on hot sand As rude as dry winter As elegant as morning mist Beaming with glea like a sunny day ...

  • CAD/CAM Software for Fashion Designers

    CAD/CAM Software for Fashion Designers

    4 years ago

    CAD/CAM is an outstanding software that allows you to design almost anything and everything accurately. When CAD design software were first introduced in the market they created boom but still people thought that CAD could not replace the manual...

  • 10 best books for teenagers

    10 best books for teenagers

    4 years ago

    Harry Potter Series: Harry Potter series is written by J. K. Rowling. The story captivates reader from the very first page. Harry potter is raised in a family which least wants to own him-his aunt and uncle- when he turns 10 he suddenly knew that...

  • Negative Aspects of Fashion

    Negative Aspects of Fashion

    4 years ago

    This image may make you vomit but this is a relaity Though importance of fashion can not be neglected in todays society it has certain drawbacks too. Moral Values: Fashion does not preach ethics. Every new fashion or trend is promoted and...

  • Importance of Strategic Management

    Importance of Strategic Management

    8 years ago

    Strategic management has gained importance in recent years. During last century organizations focused on long-term planning. Long-term planning supposed that external and internal environment will remain stable for long period of time and thus they...

  • CAD/CAM for Fashion and Clothing Designing

    CAD/CAM for Fashion and Clothing Designing

    8 years ago

    Fashion designing is a field which is making waves now-a-days. Clothing construction and designing is on the other hand another broad business which encompasses many distinctive areas. As with other fields of life fashion designing too has been...

  • The Step-by-step Process of Garment Manufacturing

    The Step-by-step Process of Garment Manufacturing

    4 years ago

    Garment Manufacturing Garment manufacturers are primarily engaged in the design, cutting and sewing of garments from fabric. Some manufacturers are contractors or subcontractors, which generally manufacture apparel from materials owned by other...


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