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One time chef. Part time writer. Full time cynic.

So I worked as a sushi chef for a while. It was awesome, eating all that sushi that I "accidentally" made too much of. But all good things come to an end, so here I am, writing articles, working freelance and hoping that out of the thousands of manuscripts that publishers must sift through, mine will be the one that gets published.

I am something of a Kyotophile, with a deep interest in Japanese culture and history. I also study Western military history and am probably considered a weapons geek by my peers. I try and avoid political writing, as it seldom makes more friends than enemies, but I have been know to clamber up on my soapbox about certain political subjects. So if it's Japanese, sharp and pointy or if it goes bang, I'm probably interested in it.

That's it really. I'm just getting started here, but hopefully my Hubs will be filled with articles of such scope, imagination and genius that you'll leave with your mind blown and your perspectives shattered. Or I might just write about the Kardashians in a cynical attempt to draw traffic and make money from advertising. Who knows.

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