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    A Loaf in Oil-Rich Iran Cost 350$

    7 days ago

    Inflation in Iran is at its peak these days due to a deteriorating economy. A loaf in Iran, which was available at 1,000 riyals (Rs 1.46) a year ago, today is priced at Rs 25,000 (Rs 40.91). In Iran, the price of other food items has gone up three to four times.‎

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    Zebra, Is there a threat to a unique "Icon" striped design?‎

    13 days ago

    Scientists believe that different types of patents are found in males and females to give a unique identity to zebras during the breeding period. But it is not yet explained, with any scientific evidence.

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    3 Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain

    3 weeks ago

    Heavy bags of books loaded with labor-like loads on the back of school-going students, the habit of sitting in an improper position against an expected computer for hours, travel on the roads, the lack of vitamin D, etc. cause back pain.

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    BEN-HUR: A Tale of The Christ

    13 days ago

    It's written under the influence of Jesus Christ in the 19th century. For many years this story was considered a Nobel literary work. The Book of Ben-Har: A Tale of the Christ by Leu Wallace made a Grand film. Worldwide the film was watched by 10 million people and won 11 Academy Awards.

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    ‎Lady Gaga Raises $128 Million in Donations‎

    13 days ago

    Lady Gaga has raised $128 million for the World Health Organization by organizing a home concert with other artists to research vaccines for patients suffering from coronavirus.‎

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    Gandhiji's True Followers Were Also in Government and Opposition

    13 days ago

    There were indeed differences between Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on some issues, but in fact, they were adult leaders working together. The two leaders worked together to unify the country and achieve independence, despite disagreements on both personal and political issues.‎

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    Nothing Permanent in This World, Even Problems

    13 days ago

    The mental state on three screens can also irritate children. Interaction with teachers in the classroom is a unique and natural experience. The classroom is a unique system. The poet Rabindranath Tagore created Shanti Niketan to help children study in the natural environment.


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