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Hello, I am Harley McCullar, a multi-programmed teacher in Georgia. Currently, I teach Algebra II and American Literature. My skills vary from mathematical calculations and scientific research to extemporaneous speaking preparation and mastery of literary components. I am also a strong advocate of community service and a believer in the power of the author's voice; as an educator, I can approach a project with the thoroughness, passion, and attention to detail that I seek to inspire in my students. Clients and students alike know that I am easy to work with; likewise, I am hands-on, proactive in comprehending the project, punctual, respectful, and most importantly knowledgeable about the literary field, my esteemed specialty. I share a pride and passion for the gravitational effect that words wield against society. Both inside and outside of the classroom, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to teach and assist others. Providing insight, a creative mindset, and elaborate thought process, my experience will compound into the driving force needed to conquer any literary project. Taking the initiative and giving priority to the assistance I can provide is of utmost importance to me; it is my greatest accomplishment to have followed my passion throughout the years and bring an engaging and educational experience to the people around me. I look forward to the future and the influence of the written word. Thank you for viewing my bio and have a wonderful day!

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