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  • Appendicitis Symptoms and Treatment

    Appendicitis Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix, a small pencil-like structure connected with the cecum, the first part of the large intestine. Appendicitis is caused by an obstruction and infection in the appendix and interference with...

  • Sleep Apnoea Symptoms and Treatment

    Sleep Apnoea Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Adequate sleep is essential for the good health of everyone, but when sleep apnoea occurs, a significant deterioration in the quality of life may develop. 'Apnoea' means 'no breathing', and patients with sleep apnoea stop breathing for periods from...

  • Syphilis Causes and Treatment

    Syphilis Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Syphilis is a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium (spirochete) called Treponema pallidum. The same organism causes another disease called yaws which is transmitted by close body contact (but not necessarily sexual...

  • Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

    Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

    8 years ago

    The lung is much like a sponge. It is light, fluffy and full of air. Now imagine dipping that sponge into a jar of honey. It will come out clogged up, heavy and sticky. Now when someone develops pneumonia, the section of lung affected becomes just...

  • Dermatitis Causes and Treatment

    Dermatitis Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin, so for a doctor to say that a patient has dermatitis is a rather meaningless statement, because almost any rash is dermatitis. What is important is the type of dermatitis that is present, so after stating...

  • Dementia Symptoms and Treatment

    Dementia Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Dementia is a problem common in elderly people, and as our population ages, it will become a major social and economic problem in the U.S.. Patients with dementia require constant care and attention, and as the condition is normally incurable, it...

  • Ganglion Causes and Treatment

    Ganglion Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    A hard lump that develops on a tendon on the back of the hand, or less commonly on the top of the foot, is most likely to be a ganglion. The term ganglion is a confusing one in medicine, because it also refers to the microscopic connections between...

  • Gout Causes and Treatment

    Gout Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Gout has the very obvious symptoms of a very red, swollen and excruciatingly painful joint. The most common joint to be involved is the ball of the foot, but almost any joint in the body may be involved. In severe attacks, a fever may develop, along...

  • Hepatitis Causes and Treatment

    Hepatitis Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Unfortunately there are still some diseases where medical science has been unable to significantly improve the method of treatment for many decades. One such disease is hepatitis. Most people know of hepatitis as a liver infection that makes a...

  • Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

    Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    The term eczema describes a large range of skin diseases that cause itching and burning of the skin. It typically appears as red, swollen skin that is initially covered with small fluid-filled blisters that later break down to a scale or crust. The...

  • Epilepsy Symptoms and Treatment

    Epilepsy Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Epilepsy is defined as any condition causing recurrent seizures (fits). People with epilepsy are not subnormal, not retarded, not violent, not abnormal in any way - except for the fact that they have a disease which can affect their bodies in a most...

  • Depression Causes and Treatment

    Depression Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    All of us have our good and bad times. Days when we are happy, days when we are sad. Sometimes these changes can occur from one hour to the next, or may last for many days. They may be associated with hormonal changes that occur during a woman's...

  • Hernia Causes and Treatment

    Hernia Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    To say that someone has a hernia really means very little, as a hernia is merely the rupture of tissue out of its normal position into a place where it is not normally situated. There are therefore many different types of hernia in the body. Some...

  • Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

    Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Glucose, a type of sugar, is essential for the efficient working of every cell in the body. It is burned chemically (metabolized) to produce the energy for the cell to operate, and is found in most fruit and vegetables. When glucose is eaten, it is...

  • Acne Causes and Treatment

    Acne Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Acne is usually treated by a combination of methods. It is particularly important to keep the skin clean by frequent washing with hot water and soap or special detergents, to eat a well-balanced diet, and to get plenty of rest. Girls should avoid using greasy cosmetics. Blackheads, whiteheads, and...

  • Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

    Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Herpes simplex is a virus that causes infections of moist membranes and skin. The most common areas affected are around the nose, lips, vulva, vagina and penis, but the surface anywhere on the body may be involved. The herpes virus is widely...

  • Hypotension Symptoms and Treatment

    Hypotension Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Hypotension is excessively low blood pressure (the intricacies of blood pressure and its measurement are discussed fully under the hub on hypertension). Low blood pressure only causes concern when it causes symptoms or is detected in the course of...

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Causes and Treatment

    Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Hypertension, persistent elevation of the blood pressure above the normal for a particular age and sex. The acceptable range of resting blood pressure in young adults is anything from 110 to 140 mm of mercury for systolic pressure and 60 to 90 mm of...

  • Infection Causes and Treatment

    Infection Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    An infection is the invasion of the body by viruses (most common), bacteria (common) or fungi (uncommon). When microscopic animals invade the inside or outside of the body (e.g. lice, amoebiasis) the condition is called an infestation. There are...

  • Tinea Symptoms and Treatment

    Tinea Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Fungi are members of the plant family, and a limited number of them can cause infections in humans. The vast majority of fungal infections occur on the skin, but other commonly affected areas include the vagina, mouth and gut. In rare cases, fungal...

  • Migraine Symptoms and Treatment

    Migraine Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    A migraine may occur once in a person's life, or three times a week. They may cause a relatively mild head pain, or may totally disable the victim for days on end. Headaches can be caused by spasm of muscles in the scalp, pressure in the sinuses,...

  • Stress Causes and Treatment

    Stress Causes and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Mortgage repayments... marriage strife... young children... job security... your relatives... family finances... separation and divorce... leaving home... unemployment... ill health... work responsibility... death in the family... All of these, and...

  • Mesothelioma Symptoms and Treatment

    Mesothelioma Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Asbestosis is a lung disease caused by the inhalation of fine asbestos particles over a prolonged period of time. It is similar to the disease caused by coal dust in miners (pneumoconiosis), silica dust from rock mining and stone cutting (silicosis)...

  • Incontinence Symptoms and Treatment

    Incontinence Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Incontinence is the inability of the body to control the discharge of waste products. Incontinence of feces takes two forms: 1) those patients who are aware of passing a small amount of feces through the anus but are physically incapable of...

  • Cystitis (Bladder Infection) Symptoms and Treatment

    Cystitis (Bladder Infection) Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Uncomfortable, embarrassing and common - cystitis (a bladder infection) is all three to many women. Cystitis is one of the most common conditions seen by general practitioners, but some women can barely get away from the toilet for long enough to...

  • Asthma Symptoms and Treatment

    Asthma Symptoms and Treatment

    21 months ago

    Asthma is a temporary narrowing of the tubes through which air flows into and out of the lungs. This narrowing is caused by a spasm in the tiny muscles which surround the air tubes. The problem is further aggravated by the excess production of...


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