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As a nutraceutical and medical marketing consultants for health professionals, we're helping physicians to implement nutraceuticals into their practices in a way that benefits their patients by offering high-quality supplements that are science based and proven effective.

Additionally we offer:

Website solutions for small business owners

Provide (local) professional organizing services to business owners, helping them simplify tax-time prep, implement bookkeeping solutions or simply set up functional filing systems. Out talents for helping small businesses streamline workflows, increasing productivity and lessening the back-log of all the "small stuff".

We also assist non-profits in implementing another income stream, which costs the non-profit nothing and requires no work on their part.

Our personal beliefs (some of them anyway):

Be who YOU are

Love who you are

Be grateful for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

Never sacrifice your integrity - all the money in the world can't buy it back

Always listen to people

Love your family with ALL your heart - without judgement

Love your friends like family and they will be

Don't take crap from anyone - speak your truth

Shout out at hate mongers

NEVER sit in silence while fellow humans are being put down because of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation or some other bull*&$# reason

Be respectful of everyone

Expect others to be respectful of you

Don't be a doormat

Dance in the shower - might as well exercise while shampooing your hair

Sing out loud - who cares if your tone deaf

Smile - laugh - enjoy your life

Work hard AND smart

Be passionate

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