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Welcome to Hearts and Lattes, where the discussion of the day is relationships -- whether it's dating, friendships, family, or marriage. So get yourself a latte to sip, and cozy up to the computer for a good read.

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    • Niche Sites and Comments Section

      Niche Sites and Comments Section

      21 months ago

      Dear HP staff,Are comments mandatory on the niche sites? It seems every hub I see has a lot of comments on it. I do not maintain a comments section on my hubs anymore because I do not have the time to properly respond...

    • New Niche Site Questions

      New Niche Site Questions

      21 months ago

      On one of my profiles I have mostly beauty hubs. If any of them get chosen to be moved, what happens to:-- Pinterest traffic: Will pins for hubs somehow redirect to the new site? If so, for how long will there be a...

    • Transferring Hubber Information Out

      Transferring Hubber Information Out

      21 months ago

      Hello,Is it possible to change the PayPal user and tax user information on a hubber account?Thank you

    • How to Ignore a User

      How to Ignore a User

      2 years ago

      Hi Hubbers,Can anyone refresh me on how to set another hubber on ignore? I've done it once before but I can't find the settings now. There is a really obnoxious person in Q&A on HP and I have to proactively ignore...

    • Hello


      2 years ago

      I am not a new hubber but was directed to post in here for help with a hub.I have a hub that was unfeatured. I did have about six Amazon links in it, a number which I have never attempted before. But the hub has over...

    • Making Hubs More Smartphone-friendly for Amazon sales

      Making Hubs More Smartphone-friendly for Amazon sales

      2 years ago

      I am realizing that sometimes up to 2/3 of my audience is using smartphones to access my hubs, yet 90% of my Amazon sales are from desktop/laptop/tablet users. This makes me think that a lot of smartphone users are...