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I am a former Music Therapist, now stay at home mom, and searcher of my next great adventure.

I am very random and occasionally have trouble focusing on one thing. My writing is like this, I write whatever sparks my interest at that moment.

I'm a mom of 2 busy, young boys - both of which have stolen my heart. I will never be the same, they have made me better.

Thank you for visiting my page. If you like what I write feel free to follow and I will follow you back.

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      • Spam Hub Comments

        Spam Hub Comments

        2 years ago

        This morning I was surprised to find I had 11 new hub comments! Considering I'm lucky to get 1 every 3-4 months I wondered if I was fortunate enough to have a HOTD. To my disappointment, every comment was spam. (No...

      • Happy New Year

        Happy New Year

        3 years ago

        Happy New Year. May you continue to thrive and succeed.

      • Burnout


        3 years ago

        I don't know if it's just holiday stress but  I've been having trouble writing lately! My last hub sounded better in my head than it turned out (sorry if you ended up reading that horror, I did take it down). Guess...

      • Might have ruffled some feathers

        Might have ruffled some feathers

        4 years ago

        Last night I submitted a hub called Standardized Tests Do They Really Determine Who Will Be Successful. It wasn't featured (don't know if the article could even be found if it's not featured) but I can tell by how...

      • Mint Leaves

        Mint Leaves

        4 years ago

        My neighbor just cut down her mint plants and gave me a large quantity of mint leaves. I've been making tea with them, but I was wondering what else I could make or how I could preserve them so they don't go to waste?

      • Stay at home mom needing a "good paying" job

        Stay at home mom needing a "good paying" job

        4 years ago

        I will need (am expected) to re-enter the work force once my youngest is in school full time (2 yrs from now). I am a certified music teacher in my state, but the chances of a job in that field opening up in my area are...