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Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but raised in Astoria, (Queens), New York. My favorite place growing up in New York City, was The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I spent a great deal of my childhood daydreaming there. (I miss the food in New York!)

I am the mother of four amazing people.

I have a dog named Zero and two cats, LoLo and Brienne.

I love music, a great movie, the birds singing in the morning while I sip my coffee. (I am a morning person.) I love hiking in the mountains, riding horses, dancing and a good story. (INTJ, a Capricorn and Sci-Fi Geek.)

There is so much in life to love and experience, and be thankful for. Even the bad things. They played a part in bringing me to the "who" I am now, and I can smile in the mirror.....I love adventure.

I am passionate about freedom...!

I plan to write more....

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  • My Girls

    My Girls

    11 months ago

    Sticky fingers, runny nose, crooked pig-tails, tickles-toes. Little girls from Heaven, a mother's pleasure- certainly a treasure. Jasmine, Desiree, Sydelle, and I- What a troop, my oh my. ...

  • Tall


    8 months ago

    I went out on that limb, Enticed by your beauty. Your voice warm sunlight, Blinding me fully. There you left me alone, In the autumn wind, Unsure and unsteady, Any moment to fall... But somehow I made...

  • Awakening


    11 months ago

    I simply refused, To be spoon-fed your lies. It's not for me, I've opened my eyes. Unlike the masses, I'm trying to wake- it's all about giving, not about take. Stop being owned, you can cut the...

  • Beautiful


    11 months ago

    Red Leaves, burnt embers of summer, falling away from their life source and turning to dust. Crackling sounds filling the Autumn air, as the leaves tumble through their final dance. Crisp, icy air blankets the...

  • The Hidden Truth

    The Hidden Truth

    11 months ago

    We think we are enlightened, sitting in wooden temples, mumbling religious dogma. Imprisoned in "hand-me-downs", those worn beliefs of humanity, wrapped around our bodies like bars on a cage. ...