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My name is Helena, and I am interested in music, travel (my profile picture was taken in Krakow), business and economics, dogs, religion/spirituality, video games, current events, and lots of other stuff.

I love comments, especially thoughtful responses to my writing, so bring it on!

I work in the music industry and recently graduated from college with a major in Economics and a minor in Religious Studies. I live in New York City.

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      • Before I do more of these...

        Before I do more of these...

        7 years ago

        I just posted a paper I wrote about Karl Marx for last semester. It is a graduate-level paper on political economy that earned me an A-, so it's a little bit of a higher reading level than pretty much every other one of...

      • Formatting Issues

        Formatting Issues

        7 years ago

        Hey guys, so unfortunately one of my most popular hubs is also one of my most vacuous ones.  It's mostly pictures (that I do not own, true, but I'm not a picture spammer; check out some of my other hubs) with short...

      • Question about "study guides"

        Question about "study guides"

        8 years ago

        I put it to all of you Hubbers more experienced in copyright laws, etc...I have a lot of really comprehensive notes from essays, journals, and books I've had to read in college.  I would love to share them so they...

      • Advertisement Placement

        Advertisement Placement

        9 years ago

        I know there are plenty of threads about the placement of the Google ads, but I searched and couldn't find any threads about this question, specifically.Is there a way that the Hubpages team (not demanding this or...

      • I'd like some suggestions, please!

        I'd like some suggestions, please!

        9 years ago

        In exactly a month, I'm heading to Europe for a few weeks.  We'll be going to Madrid (with a day trip to Toledo), Berlin (where I've lived briefly), Geneva, and Paris.Do any of you well-traveled hubbers have...

      • The "Share It" feature...

        The "Share It" feature...

        9 years ago

        Is it possible to make the "Share It" thing at the bottom of the page more... prominent?  Like to have those little icons just there, without having to click it first?  I feel like it'd be a lot...

      • The hub you're most proud of...

        The hub you're most proud of...

        9 years ago

        In the same vein as Mark's "unloved hubs" thread, can everyone share the hub they've written that they are most proud of?  Then we can all pat each other on the backs and be proud together (and maybe...

      • How many hubs in a group?

        How many hubs in a group?

        9 years ago

        Now that I'm starting to have a larger amount of hubs (though obviously nowhere near the amount of some of the more prolific hubbers!), I'm figuring out ways to manage them best (for myself and for readers)...How many...

      • I am very confused about tags...

        I am very confused about tags...

        9 years ago

        I know we've talked about this before, but searching the forums did nothing for me.  I have a bunch of questions about tagging our hubs.Do adding more tags lower your hubscore?  I usually just try to add...

      • Did I miss something?

        Did I miss something?

        9 years ago

        What happened to the little graphs on the tops of our hubs when we click "MORE STATS"?  I loved those graphs!

      • Do animals have souls?

        Do animals have souls?

        9 years ago

        In your personal spiritual beliefs, do animals have souls?  Are they interchangeable with human souls?  In the past few days I've spent some time looking into my dog's eyes, and I can't decide what I believe...

      • What do you think about...

        What do you think about...

        9 years ago

        ...the Westboro Baptist Church?  Is it a religion?  A cult?  I honestly do not even know how to react to such madness, and I'd like the opinion of some other religious-minded people.A couple videos I...

      • Let me be the first to say...

        Let me be the first to say...

        9 years ago

        I am shocked and saddened by Heath Ledger's death.  May he find peace.

      • Understanding the "Under 75" Rule?

        Understanding the "Under 75" Rule?

        9 years ago

        I remember seeing this in the forums a few days ago (maybe even yesterday), and I didn't understand it, and then I couldn't find it again.  Well gosh.  Can someone help me?Paul said something about hubs with...

      • What our creator planned for our eyes??

        What our creator planned for our eyes??

        9 years ago

        On a similar topic to Misha's thread... What was the great plan for our eyes versus our intellect?Here is what made me think of this:  Perfect eyesight in illiterate/developing parts of the world is traditionally...

      • So I've become an "Expert"

        So I've become an "Expert"

        9 years ago

        I just noticed that I have been upgraded from Prodigy to Expert.. I've been here for two months and only written twenty hubs!!I still very much feel like a newbie; I'm pushing only 3,000 page views right now and have...

      • Where am I on Google?

        Where am I on Google?

        9 years ago

        I was Googling unique phrases from my hubs to look for duplicate content, and everything seemed to be fine, but... I can't find my money management for kids hub on Google at all!I searched short phrases that many pages...

      • Is this plagiarism??

        Is this plagiarism??

        9 years ago

        I received an incredible email (maybe you've seen it) that shows pictures of families from different countries with the amount of food they buy in a week, along with the cost of it.I would LOVE to repost this onto...

      • Quick question

        Quick question

        9 years ago

        If I'm getting traffic from mail.google.com, does that mean that someone emailed my link and the recipient clicked on it?This is what I'm assuming, but I seem to get a bunch of traffic from there and it seems unlikely?

      • Pictures and Text Wrapping

        Pictures and Text Wrapping

        9 years ago

        I looked around and didn't see a topic on this, so I thought I'd suggest it (pardon me if it's been brought up before).Is there a way to align a picture to the left and have the text on the right wrap back to center if...

      • HTML in hubs?

        HTML in hubs?

        9 years ago

        Is there a way to enter HTML into hubs, specifically the text boxes?I know that they format naturally, but... for example, if I wanted a "marquee" in one of my hubs, is there a way to do that (I don't really...

      • Unpublished Hubs

        Unpublished Hubs

        9 years ago

        I noticed that my unpublished hubs have a hubscore (and a low one, obviously).  Does this affect my overall score (or anything else for that matter)?  I've tried to figure it out on my own, but I can't quite...

      • Traveling to New Yawk City

        Traveling to New Yawk City

        9 years ago

        I'm not sure if it's bad HubPages etiquette to post a link here to a relevant hub or not.  If it is, I'm really sorry, but in my defense, Lissie did it!!  Here's my recently published guide on visiting...

      • What am I doing wrong?

        What am I doing wrong?

        9 years ago

        By browsing around, it seems like everyone else on here is making so much money.  I'm still relatively new, and I promise I looked back in the forums at what everyone else has said in response to these questions...