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Hello, dear readers, welcome to my blog. My name is Lucy, and I was planning to name this blog as “HelloLucy.” Unfortunately, the name was taken, so I had to look for an alternative. Then all of a sudden, I noticed that if I changed the last letter of my name “y” to “k”, it became Luck. That’s a great and positive word, for we do need a little bit of luck in many situations. So I named my blog “HelloLuck,” and luckily, the name was not taken in HubPages yet. Cheers, Here I am, and again welcome to HelloLuck’s blog.

There are so many things to write about whether it’s life experience, or professional experience, or thing’s I’m most interested in, or things I’m most good at, insights that’s more rational (like social science), or feelings that are more emotional… I am new to this community, but I’m learning and improving every day.

There was once a famous quote, “Everyone can be a movie director of his or her own life.” It becomes more feasible in this increasingly connected world powered by those platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. And actually here at HubPages, everyone can be a great writer of his or her own life. Whoever you are, whatever you do or wherever you came from, this is your place, your community, and your stage to share with the world about your original, creative, rich, and engaging stories; in the meanwhile, you could also read same high-quality contents from other writers or to interact with them. Leaning from each other, and grow skills and experience together.

Happy Writing!

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