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About Me: My Name Is Sam, Sam I Am. 20, Techno Queen, Random Artist, Model, Photographer, Beat Eater, Dubstep Queen, Martian. Mommy to an amazing little girl named Kiley Skyy What I do: A solo trance/electro project conceived from the mind of a Shark on ecstasy. How else are we supposed to describe a band like South American Toe-Biters? Established on June 15th, 2011. My Beats Sound Like: A shark biting peoples toes off!(No, we're serious....) Down and Dirty trance music with a dash of horror movie elements thrown in; add a little synthesizer and you have South American Toe-Biters! (Yes, my music WILL make you want to bite people's toes off. Sorry for the inconvenience!) If I remember correctly; this blessing skips one generation of the women on my mother�s side of the family have been �touched� with this. I am also considered a �Crystal/Indigo mix�; due to my varying temper and loving sides. When I close my eyes at night; I can see iridescent apparitions dancing around; right behind my eyelids. Upon opening my eyes; they vanish into the enclosing darkness of the night. When I DO fall asleep, I usually have very graphic dreams predicting what my future holds. Strangely, most of these dreams have came true in the past. I truthfully believe I have �something� following me; although it is not evil, it seems more protective and curious of who I am and what I�m doing 24/7. The air will get icy, even if I am by a heater or it�s warm in the room. Sometimes I can feel it watching me, or touching me on the shoulder. I play with a pendulum sometimes, which I have tried to contact this mysterious spirit with. I have gotten a minute amount of information out of him. Mainly, his full name; which for his sake I will refer to him only as �Devine� (which means �Guess� in French). He �supposedly� has been with me since my birth; which sort of explains why I used to have so many imaginary friends and I never seemed to get hurt badly. On a different subject; I am a Christian, and a firm believer in God. I have asked him if Devine was evil, to please remove him from my life; and he is still here. I�m still confused about the whole ordeal, but what can I say other than life�s a complete mystery to me.

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