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Christmas was approaching rather quickly that December of 2010. Busy with preparations, wrapping presents, and making pies, I heard a knock at the door. It was our UPS delivery man. Now, when is that not exciting? He hands me this rather large and heavy box, I sign, we are done. My husband, who is a work from home dad, came out of his office about as excited as a puppy to see what had arrived. My dear sister had sent us Christmas presents all the way from North Dakota where she had just moved. Too excited to wait the few weeks for Christmas, we opened our gifts early. That day on the floor of my living room, in pajamas and surrounded by my family, I didn't just open a present from my sister, I opened my future.

That was my welcome to Scentsy. She had sent me 3 bars and the Grapevine Full-Size warmer along with Molly the Monkey and a Sweet Pea and Vanilla Scent Pak. I was instantly in love. It's been a little over 9 months since I was introduced to Scentsy and not only is Molly Monkey still smelling fabulous with the same Scent Pak, but my love for Scentsy has not dwindled. I hosted my second party in September of 2011 and realized that it was my turn to join the family.

Welcome to Scentsy. I'm glad you are here to read my story and to begin a story of your own. Join me over a nice scent or join me in business, either way happiness will be shared.

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