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Hi, My name is Brian Foley (a.k.a. "Professor Homunculus" at the mathmojo.com site). I am not a "math guy" and never was. I don't care about the school subject of math. I never passed math in school. Only a fluke kept me from not getting a high-school diploma because of failing math in all grades but one (geometry - had a great teacher) all my life. It's a long story, but I learned about all the math I know through magic books when I was in my thirties. OK, since then I've read other math books, but they haven't been textbooks and they sure as hell haven't been those touchy-feely idiot math books with consumer brand names in them. I've done magic in Europe for 18 years, and in the States for about 20 years. I'm from New York state. From Brooklyn, to Lawn Giland, to the Upper Catskills, where my heart is. I was a street magician (before David Blaine was born, I believe), a corporate magician, and now I'm a math magician, among other things. The immediate mission is to take away the stigma and fear of math that many people (especially Americans) have. I hope to do it with books and lectures, and my websites, MathMojo.com and The MathMojo Chronicles. My interest is you, because the more people feel comfortable with the beauty, wonder and magic of math, the more people feel comfortable with life, logic, and critical thinking. That basically means less people feeling rotten about their minds, themselves, and life in general. It means less people making idiotic decisions, like thinking they are not smart enough to learn math well. Everyone can. You can. Let's go!

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  • Base 10 and other Bases in Mathematics

    Base 10 and other Bases in Mathematics

    7 years ago

    What's base 10? What's base 2? What's the difference between bases in math? What's this all about, anyway? And Who's on first? Why do we use mathematical bases? Maybe you know the answer to those questions, but if you...