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I love writing, despite not being a native English speaker, about a variety of suspects. If you want to take your own websites, or hubs, to the next level WITHOUT offending Google mortally, you might want to check out Keyword Strategy. The creator of that tool runs a website that is not only PR7, but also gets 100,000 visitors DAILY! And no, his website is not in the make money online niche, far from it actually, astronomically far ...

I also use Market Samuraito do my initial keyword research, you can read my Market Samurai Review here on my own blog and I recommend, for beginners, TKA-The Keyword Academy for learning how to make money online by choosing the right topics and getting the right kind of backlinks. I write on a variety of platforms, but for my own sites I use Hostgator as a webhost (there is no better support out there, period!) and if you type in this special coupon code 'hospitalera' they even give you your first month for just 1 cent! Enjoy ;-)

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      • Maximum length of hub

        Maximum length of hub

        7 years ago

        Quick question, I searched a bit around and couldn't find the information if there is an upper limit to the word count for a hub. Can I publish, let's say, also a 25,000 words hub? Not asking for advice if that is a...

      • Great layout and hub design hub

        Great layout and hub design hub

        7 years ago

        No, not mine, Edweirdo just published http://hubpages.com/hub/Custom-Website- … n-HubPages and I think it is GREAT!!! Check it out, especially if you are new to Hubpages and need some advice on how to make your...

      • wikipedia links

        wikipedia links

        7 years ago

        I vaguely remember that wikipedia is ex tempted from the "max two links to the same domain rule" Can somebody here confirm that this is true, i.e. that I can put up more then two links to wikipedia in a hub?...

      • How to get allposter images to work

        How to get allposter images to work

        7 years ago

        Hi, I am using allposter images on my other sites / articles, mainly because they have a great collection of images you can use legally through their referral program. But I struggle to get it to work here on hubpages...