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Hello Everyone! Currently a commerce student, musician, athlete and now a writer too. This blog currently has 1000+ readers. I'll be uploading something new every fortnight, so wait and read!

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  • GOD: Our Protector, really?

    GOD: Our Protector, really?

    6 months ago

    Since we're born we're taught to pray to God and in return she/he will protect us, if it is so then why can't she/he protect him/herself. Here's a poem in support of atheism, and a reason to be one.

  • Nothing Much Has Changed

    Nothing Much Has Changed

    7 months ago

    Here's a non rhyming poem about a young man who lingered in the search of love, forever. Read it with a warm heart.

  • Life: What Is Its Purpose?

    Life: What Is Its Purpose?

    9 months ago

    This philosophical write-up is intended to make you understand the meaning of life and its purpose. The readers are requested to get at its essence to understand it utterly. (It's not what you think)

  • Reality Is Prettier: The Truth Lies Within

    Reality Is Prettier: The Truth Lies Within

    9 months ago

    This poem is sure to instill a sense of truth within you and encourage you to always be true to others and most importantly with yourself.

  • Give her a chance: Women Empowerment

    Give her a chance: Women Empowerment

    9 months ago

    Here is a poem to encourage sensitivity to give equal opportunity in the society to women,which they inevitably deserve. This poem is written in the sheer sense of feminism and is to be read so.