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Hi, I'm Ilana, and I consider myself a do-it-yourself mom. One of my favorite hobbies is updating my home using great deals I find online, in flea markets and anywhere else I can. With some feminine know-how, encouragement from my three rambunctious boys and one little princess, and a little bit of luck, I journey through the wonderful world of home improvements to create a dream home for myself and my family. Take advantage of my experiences, tips and findings with these lenses.

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  • Types of Hinges - Cabinet Hinges Explained at Last

    Types of Hinges - Cabinet Hinges Explained at Last

    6 years ago

    [I like how] Drifter0658 (a fellow Squid) succinctly calls cabinet hinges "the tireless soldiers of kitchen cabinet hardware". I too have deemed this cabinet hardware the unsung heroes of cabinets everywhere. How...

  • Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

    Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

    6 years ago

    From vinegar to toothpicks, everyone has their own sure fire method for cleaning cabinet hardware. Some of them work and some of them will have disastrous results (corrosive materials, for example, are terrible for your...