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Joined 7 years ago from A forgotten corner of a dying empire. OK, it's Australia :-)




Professional vagabond and aficionado of the no-fixed-address lifestyle, I write to avoid self-combustion - though a perfectionist streak a mile wide stops me being more prolific.

Travel, love and a casual fascination with war are the things that get me up in the morning, though by lunchtime i'm generally just happy with a sandwich.

I hope that whatever I write makes a difference. A positive one.

Add me on facebook if you like. My name is Kristin Low. Everything you could ever need to know about me is around here somewhere, if you're interested.

Propaganda for the Soul is a blog that will improve your life by helping you improve the quality of the stories you tell - about yourself and your world.

KristinLow.com is an exercise in personal branding. It's part "anti-resume", part manifesto (minus the unabomber craziness. Well, mostly).

If, in my writing or participation in the forums i've said something you've found offensive or upsetting, please let me know. Making friends (and money) is much more enjoyable (and important!) to me than making enemies.

More than anything though, I remain irrevocably and permanently open to the possibility of being completely, hopelessly and embarrassingly wrong. About everything.

Set me straight if you think I am.

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