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inagreement1 lm

Joined 3 years ago




Thank You for visiting... Hi hope you enjoy my my blogs and found them helpful. I like to share Gods call upon my life: David vonAnderseck April 09, 1985 My Testimony of the Appearance of Jesus and Taken in the Spirit: I was 10 years old, lying awake in my bed. I had my face under my blankets, afraid to look out because of a dream that the Lord just gave me. I heard a voice in the basement, a voice that I heard with my ears say to me, âdonât be discouraged, donât be afraidâ. I felt a peace like everything was going to be all right. I peaked me head out and I saw Jesus coming thru the basement wall. He was in the form of a man and very bright. I couldnât see any details about Him because of his brightness. He walked to the foot of my bed. He said, âI am Jesus. I let you see these things and experience these things for a reason. I need you to teach my people what they are doing wrong when you get older. You have been doing my will. You have been doing good, but you need to read and pray more. I have been showing you mercy, and sometimes you have been numb and doing what you want to. You need to listen more to your parents and not clown around. Sometimes I give you prophecies and you donât share them because someone else says the some thing. I will give you more prophecies. Sometimes you donât respect meâ. Then He gave me a prophesy about a flower. âA flower planted in the soil doesnât resist the water and the soil. For you should be obedient to me and not resist me. For the evil tries to kill you and choke you and tries to cut the leaves off the tree. But a flower grows and grows; and I hold the trees and the flowers and every speck of grassâ. âWhen you grow older you will know more about Me. I depend on you and your family and many others that seek Me. Many pastors are deceiving my people, I donât need you to make it harder. I need you to be an apostle, prophet, evangelist and teacher. You keep growing in my will. All I need is you and your family and all the other apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers. For harken not unto the people of iniquity for there are millions of people who are seeking to know meâ. The whole time that Jesus spoke to me He was pointing at me. Then I felt myself coming out of my body again. I never felt like this before. I thought I must be going to heaven now. It was fun and I felt a peace like everything was going to be all right. I stood with Jesus at the left foot of my bed and he pointed at the basement wall. I looked and saw a big theater filled with people casting their money. Jesus said, âthese people speak such evil things about Me, for they say, donât be obedient to Him for He is just a false doctrine. They talk about my crucifixion and say how fun it would have been to see Me die. Yeah saith the Lord, the people in the theater are just as evil as the people out there talking about Me casting their coins into the wells, making faces at Me. Watch now what I will do to themâ. As I saw the people in the theater laughing and mocking God at the same time there flesh started decomposing rapidly. There bodies turned to skeletons, then to dust. A wind came thru the theater. Things were coming off the walls. A hole came out of the earth underneath the seats, where a wind tunnel formed. âMany people will cry out to Me in that day but I will not listen to them, because they did not listen to me for years. For they cast out their skulls upon Meâ. I saw some people hanging onto their seats, but that couldnât hang on any longer. They fell thru the wind tunnel. It was quiet. The ground was restored and the wind left. I saw a big book appear on the screen in the theater. Jesus opened it and there were billions and billions of pages in it. âThis is a book of all the bad people and all the bad things they did,â Jesus said. Then I saw a small book on the movie screen with only about 20 pages in it. It was filled with people who were doing the will of God. Suddenly the book became bigger and bigger. Jesus said. âThere is a small number of people obeying me now, but there shell be multitudesâ. The next thing I felt myself going back into my body. It felt really funny and I remembered that I was afraid. I didnât know what was happening. I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me. âDonât be afraid, I took you out of your body so you could understand these things betterâ. When I looked around the room I saw hundreds of little lights darting around the room and twirling around and around. They were every color of the rainbow. I looked at them for about 10 seconds and they disappeared. I felt happy and proud. I knew these were ministering spirits and this was the first time I ever saw them. I got out of bed and ran upstairs to tell Mom and Dad. Many believe Christ is the Savior and Lord but never believe on His Covenant. To believed means 1) to acknowledge His Covenant 2) to mold with Spirit and truth and 3) to submit to His Government without these 3 elements our believing of God is vain. It is encouraging to share about Gods purpose and plan to bring the Church of God back under true stewardship. We can see the result of the Church without true stewardship when Christians are embracing many truths, when faith is defined as blind faith, and when works are a form of entertainment. This is the hour of temptation for the church. Jesus is calling upon all Christians to make the journey back to the cross, back to His covenant of faith. And this is why we named our course âBack to the Cross of Christ.â I know the Lord has been ministering to you and preparing your heart for this journey and I want you to know that God is with you as you begin this journey and that you will be in my prayers. The course is offered through Apostle Eric and Second 8th Week Ministries and I would encourage you to register for it. The course is in the final stages of development and you should have it soon. Please write to me again if you have any questions. "When our faith is under true stewardship then our faith has direction and is found pleasing to God." Apostle David Second 8th Week Ministries

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