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InquisitiveOne is a Wellness Coach, writer, and publisher dedicated to self help, personal growth, spirituality, and increased awareness of mental health issues. Her book, When Darkness Comes: Saying "No" to Suicide, is for people who feel suicidal and is an excellent intervention tool. Please visit her blog, Self Help Salad. She is a lover of learning, writing, reading, helping people, making a difference, animals, travel, nature, silence, Qigong, and meditation.

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  • Thoughts About Pineal Gland Cysts

    Thoughts About Pineal Gland Cysts

    4 months ago

    Neurologists tend to ignore them, people don't understand all the symptoms, and doctors tell you to see a psychiatrist. Having something listed with the National Organization for Rare Disorders is not the most...

  • Pineal Gland Cysts

    Pineal Gland Cysts

    6 years ago

    Despite popular medical literature that claims pineal gland cysts are "incidental" findings on MRIs and generally cause no problems, if you have one that is symptomatic, you have come to the right place. Pineal gland...