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I am a husband to a beautiful woman who is the most amazing woman I have known. She's one of many of God's gifts to me. She is a spectacularly nurturing, compassionate, and merciful woman.

4 years ago she gave birth to our first born, a daughter who has become so advanced for her age, I know God has great things in store for her life. I pray every day that I can do what I can to raise her the right way and to be able to balance when it is okay to spoil her and when it's not okay, because honestly, as sweet and well-behaved as she always is, it's hard not to spoil her.

We have also just had our second born, a boy, and he seems to be just as advanced as his sister was only 4 years ago when she was a baby. He's only a month old and he's holding his head up, looking at us with very alert eyes, and he's rolled over...twice! I pray just as hard for him too, that I raise him to be a very great man.

With that said about my family, I will talk about my interests which covers all forms of entertainment i.e. music, movies, books, etc. But where my hobbies truly lie is in comic books. I love comics, mainly DC comics and the occasional Marvel comic. I love superheroes because they're inspiring and entertaining all at the same time.

The majority of my hubs will be based on comics, comic-based movies, etc.

I do hope all my readers enjoy the hubs I have to offer as the years go on.

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