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I'm Shooter. I run a my blog all about my billiard hobby called I Shoot Pool, which you can find at www.ishootpool.com. (Yes, a pool shooter named Shooter. It's very funny.) I shoot on a travel APA team and an in-house team, both from the same tavern. Although there are five nights of the week I'm not shooting in a league, I like to practice a couple of those nights. I'm not the best pool player that ever lived, but I'm pretty good. Here I'll be blogging about the games I shoot, things about pool, my history in pool, and all the tips and tricks I know and learn along the way. I don't care if it's eight ball, nine ball, or whatever. It doesn't matter. I don't care who I'm shooting or what I'm shooting. I want to shoot it and talk about it. Feel free to visit my site and join the discussion.

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