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Let’s see…well, I’m a quirky individual. When I was in elementary school, I really liked the verb tense “ing” because it meant ACTION—getting out there and doing something. So, for most of fifth grade, I spelled my name “Eveling” because in my little brain, I thought I was going to get out there and conquer. Conquer what? Who knows. My first sculpture was a papier mâché eagle with wings. Since then, I’ve pretty much lived my life running with scissors.

I consider myself to be an avid observer of the human condition. I love stepping back and watching things unfold, and be inspired (as well as intrigued and sometimes grossed out) by people. I am a jack of some trades, yet master of none because I enjoy doing a lot of things. How could I only chose ONE hobby or passion?! But, in my pursuit of knowledge, the only valuable lesson I have learned is that our brains are limitless, yet our capabilities to retain information are limited. Best humbling experience I’ve ever had!

My biggest pet peeves are inflated egos and low tolerance of other people’s opinions. We are mere ants in this great big world, so I can’t be bothered with crazies and delusions of grandeur.

Enough about me—it’s starting to make me feel like a Russian nesting doll: full of myself. Get it? =D Looking forward to reading more on Hub Pages and navigating this community labyrinth.

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