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Erick Hernandez is a highly intelligent autistic man who graduated high school with a Regular Diploma. He's the only man in his living place who has an iMac and can operate it corectly. He researches science, technology, futurism, celebrity, political, wrestling, autisim and climate topics. All he needs is a little positive shove from his critics, and he will succeed. If he believes in himself, he can be much more than just Erick Hernandez, he can be a computer technician, a scientist, a meteorologist, or even an astronaut. All he has to do is put his mind into his work, be constant, and strive to be the best. He's not perfect, but he is his mom's definition of perfection. He could become the next best writer in the world. Currrently he owns 3 Steam games, 1 App Store game, and 3 third-party games.

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