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  • Types of Boats

    Types of Boats

    7 years ago

    The sport of boating can be traced back to the use of pleasure boats by royalty in ancient times. Lavishly decorated "flower boats" were built and sailed by the Chinese. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra enjoyed boating in a magnificent state barge....

  • Window Design and Construction

    Window Design and Construction

    11 years ago

    A window is an opening in the wall of a building designed to admit light and air. The admission of light is accomplished through the use of transparent or translucent panes; ventilation, by opening the sash to the outside air. The frame in which a...

  • Tropical Fishes

    Tropical Fishes

    11 years ago

    Tropical fish are any of a large number of small freshwater fishes native to tropical regions. Many tropical fishes are colorful and attractive, and keeping tropical fishes is among the most popular hobbies. Some people keep only one species of...

  • History of Windows

    History of Windows

    11 years ago

    Windows played but a minor role in Egyptian houses. They were small and set high in the wall, more for ventilation than for light. However, the hypostyle halls of such large Egyptian temples as Karnak had clerestories at the top of the central aisle...

  • Sport Archery

    Sport Archery

    11 years ago

    Archery is the use of bows and arrows for war, hunting, or sport. Although bows and arrows are among the oldest and most important weapons of mankind, archery is popular today primarily as a sport. There are three separate sports: target, flight, and field archery. Different types of bows are used...

  • Philosophy of Education

    Philosophy of Education

    11 years ago

    To be sure, opinions have differed about man, society, and knowledge. Is man naturally good or bad? Is he born with certain abilities that can be developed but not changed? Or does the environment in which he grows up determine what kind of man he...

  • Home Aquarium

    Home Aquarium

    11 years ago

    To be a success, the home aquarium must copy as nearly as possible the natural surroundings of its inhabitants. To do this, a few simple rules should be followed. First, the water must be kept fresh and aerated (it must contain enough air for the...

  • History of Education

    History of Education

    11 years ago

    Modern schools, wherever they are found, owe much to the institutions established in the ancient societies of China, India, and Greece. From them have developed present-day systems, most of which retain the aim of educating individuals for a...

  • Fish as Pets

    Fish as Pets

    11 years ago

    Some authorities believe fish to be the most numerous pets in America. Fish owners in the United States have been estimated at between ten and twenty million, and most of these have a half dozen or more pets. No kind of pet varies more from one...

  • Crowd Behavior and Psychology

    Crowd Behavior and Psychology

    4 years ago

    Crowd Behavior is characterized by large numbers of people acting together heedless of established social rules and common understandings. Crowds differ dramatically from the organized, persistent groups that are the basis of conventional social...

  • Bison


    11 years ago

    The bison is a genus of large wild cattle once numerous in North America and Europe but brought close to extinction by man's senseless slaughter of the animals. Two species still exist in zoos and protected herds: the American bison, or "buffalo"...

  • Anglo-Saxons


    11 years ago

    Hundreds of years ago the people who lived in Britain belonged to several different nations. The people who are sometimes called the ancient Britons were not at all the same as those known as Anglo-Saxons, though many British people today are...

  • Mongolia


    11 years ago

    Mongolia is a geographical region of east central Asia, lying principally between the Soviet Union and China, and including portions of those countries. Traditionally Mongolia was divided into two distinct regions, Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia,...

  • Window Box

    Window Box

    11 years ago

    A window box is a container for growing plants immediately below a window on the outside of a building. It may be removable or be a permanent architectural feature. Window boxes are frequently used on private homes, public buildings, and commercial...

  • Sport Fishing

    Sport Fishing

    11 years ago

    However, the sport of fishing, as we know it today, is a comparatively recent development. The first known English book on the subject of fishing was written by a 15th-century nun. The most famous fishing book of all, Izaak Walton's The Compleat...

  • Digitalis


    11 years ago

    Digitalis is a drug widely used in the treatment of heart disease. It is obtained from the dried leaf of the purple foxglove plant (Digitalis purpurea). The term "digitalis" is used to refer to a whole class of glycosides found in various plants,...

  • Philosophy and Religion

    Philosophy and Religion

    4 years ago

    Greek philosophers in Ionia from the 6th century onward speculated on the nature of the universe with an intellectual freedom unrestricted by religious inhibitions. Whereas Hesiod's cosmogony had been cast as myth, the philosophers passed the gods...

  • History of Ice Hockey

    History of Ice Hockey

    11 years ago

    The origin of ice hockey is obscure. Historians generally agree that it was first played in eastern Canada in either Halifax, Montreal, or Kingston. Nineteenth 19th century games as bandy (field hockey), hurley, and shinny are believed to be the...

  • Eagles


    11 years ago

    The eagle is a diverse group of about 55 species of flesh-eating diurnal birds of prey that occur on all continents except Antarctica. Large, spectacular eagles (especially the sea eagles, harpies, and large booted eagles) are becoming rare. They...

  • Scrabble


    11 years ago

    Scrabble is a trademarked and copyrighted word game in which letter tiles marked with various score values are used to form interlocking words, crossword fashion, on a playing board. Two to four players compete by counting score values of 1 to 10...

  • Fungal Infection

    Fungal Infection

    11 years ago

    Ringworm is a a term loosely used to designate different red, scaly, itchy, sometimes blistered or oozing skin troubles. Medically ringworm is always caused by some fungus of the group known as dermatophytes, so called because they are vegetable...

  • Boat Building

    Boat Building

    11 years ago

    Boat hulls, although variously shaped, have only two basic designs: the displacement hull and the planing hull. Any boat lying at rest in the water displaces, or moves aside, an amount of water equal in weight to the weight of the boat. A boat that...

  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank

    11 years ago

    An aquarium is a receptacle of fresh or salt water in which aquatic plants and animals are kept for study or amusement. An aquarium is usually a tank or group of tanks for the display or study of fish or other aquatic animals. The name is also...

  • How To Get Attention

    How To Get Attention

    4 years ago

    Attention is the attitude or "set" that is the major influence on perception. The importance of attention is shown by the fact that people perceive the world around them in a selective fashion. They do not "see" and "hear" everything that is within...

  • How To Get Rid Of Pet Odors

    How To Get Rid Of Pet Odors

    4 years ago

    For a number of reasons dogs may give off odors that make them offensive in the house. Probably the most common is the simple body odor, the "doggy" smell with which practically all owners are acquainted. This comes from sebum, a secretion of...

  • Mural Painting

    Mural Painting

    11 years ago

    Mural Painting is that branch of painting and design which is concerned with the enrichment of the walls and ceilings of buildings. Other techniques of architectural decoration used for the same purposes include mosaic, stone, or wood inlay,...

  • History of Wrestling

    History of Wrestling

    11 years ago

    Wrestling is one of the oldest and most universal of sports, in which two unarmed contestants engage in hand-to-hand combat to throw each other. It has been popular among both civilized and uncivilized peoples throughout the world. Hundreds of holds...

  • Boating Safety

    Boating Safety

    11 years ago

    Anyone who skippers a boat should know the Rules of the Road, since they apply to all craft under way. Enacted by the U.S. Congress to prevent collisions on water, they must be followed whenever there is a chance of collision. A boat pulling away...

  • Handwriting Expert

    Handwriting Expert

    11 years ago

    Handwriting is the distinctive manner in which each person forms letters and words. Although typewriters and other devices are often used for recording language, much of the world's daily business and communication still depends on messages that are...

  • Birds As Pets

    Birds As Pets

    11 years ago

    Sanitation and diet are the most important items in the care of birds, as in the care of all pets. Droppings should be removed frequently from the cage. This is easy enough for small birds kept in individual cages. Many of these cages have a...


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