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Hi my name is Linda, and I have loved cooking since the age of five, macaroni and cheese being my all time favourite even, to this day! But I owe my cookery skills to my mummy as if she hadn't have let me help her I would have shown no interest in the cookery world and I would like to thank her for that and helping me start this lens :). Anyway I am now a secondary school an love nothing more than cooking because it makes me and my family happy and teaches me skills, I cook with my mum quite a bit and our favourite course is dessert! We love to cook sponges, biscuits, cupcakes and other chocolate treats. However with all those treats we find that we have to do quite a bit of exercise which we all love, especially our dog Chloe our lovely Jack Russell. But we also like to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, apples and strawberries are my favourite. Anyway thank you for stopping by and please enjoy this lens.

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  • Why I adore Welsh terriers

    Why I adore Welsh terriers

    5 years ago

    Before the 1800s which was when the first pedigree Welsh terrier was recorded, these beautiful welsh terriers were working in the fields hence the name terrier taken from the Latin word 'terria' which means earth. These...