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Hi there, I'm Jake.

I currently work as a copywriter in a Liverpool based SEO/Web Design company. I enjoy reading (a lot) and writing (even more).

I apologise in advance for my style of writing, it's stilted and slightly rambling. Very often I'll veer off into another subject entirely, even if I've tried to plan everything in advance.

Not much can be done about that, just the way I am - but feel free to send me any advice and tips you can spare. I'll appreciate it greatly.

I think I probably write so disjointedly because of having to create a plethora of SEO-stuffed keyword-filled articles - this could have easily fried my brain.

My writing on this site is kind of a release from the amount of boring pieces I have to write in work.

Keep your eyes out for my opinions on; conspiracy theories, comics, gaming, espionage, books (writing and reading) and much more.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss anything as I'm new here and I'd love to hear your views!

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    • Just wanted to say hi guys

      Just wanted to say hi guys

      5 years ago

      I'm new here! My name's Jake. I work as a copywriter in my full-time role but wanted to get some more writing done outside of work for pleasure and possibly to make a little extra cash (never hurts).I live in Liverpool,...