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Brett McCluskey enjoys sharing his knowledge of Japanese Grammar with those serious about becoming fluent in Japanese. Brett came to love the Japanese culture after living and working in Fukuoka and Osaka, Japan, for six years. Immersion, of course, is the best way to acquire language skills. Next to that, is one's own desire to learn and be motivated. Learning vocabulary words is a great way to start. My fluency came from being immersed in the culture as well as my own drive and motivation to learn vocabulary. I set a goal of learning 30 words every two days. I did that for nearly two years. I've divided these studies into "vocabulary blasters". I hope you enjoy studying them, and will soon be able to understand and speak Japanese.

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  • Counting in Japanese: ICHI NI SAN

    Counting in Japanese: ICHI NI SAN

    2 years ago

    In this lens, we will study numbers in Japanese. When I lived in Japan, one of the strategies I used to become fluent was to count to a certain number, and then count backwards. At first, it started with counting from...