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I am a man of faith, a Christian and father of 6 beautiful children as well as a husband of 1 amazingly-brilliant wife. At 32yrs old I realized, as most 30yr olds do, how wrong everyone is and have since decided it is my job to correct them, hah! Really though, I am just a humble layman with a desire to help others by using my experiences and wisdom gained in my short life. My hope is that I can help just one person improve their life by sharing what is on my heart.

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  • An Abnormal Reality

    An Abnormal Reality

    13 days ago

    Part 3 to Tripping over the Mind: A retelling of the breaking of my mind, and what that looked like. The brain is a wonderful thing, but our mind is the second most powerful force in the universe, as I will demonstrate...

  • Tripping over the Mind: Part 2

    Tripping over the Mind: Part 2

    2 weeks ago

    Part 2. Perception of reality is a funny thing, especially in hindsight. Often, as a result, our mind can be our worst enemy. In some cases, such was mine, I couldn't always trust my perception as I spiraled further...

  • Tripping Over the Mind

    Tripping Over the Mind

    2 weeks ago

    Many struggle with mental afflictions everyday with little to no help, while drowning in meds. What if there was a better way? How would you know? Let me show you and be an encouragement by opening up about my personal...