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jaspalkaler profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Chandigarh, India




A member of the IAS, Jaspalkaler loves reading and writing on current issues. He loves mathematics and has kept his interest alive. Game theory particularly interests him. Of late he has developed interest in economics and economic issues. In free time when he is not reading articles on internet he plays chess... online...

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  • Education and Science (4)
  • Politics and Social Issues (4)
  • Capitalism vs Communisn

    Capitalism vs Communisn

    20 months ago

    Whether people are persuaded by capitalism or communism they are likely to stick to their favoured ism. This piece however argues that both are suboptimal.

  • Reviving Punjab Agriculture

    Reviving Punjab Agriculture

    21 months ago

    Punjab agriculture is in throes of a crisis and urgently requires a permanent fix lest it is too late...

  • Transmission Lag in Monetary Policy

    Transmission Lag in Monetary Policy

    21 months ago

    Why interest rate cuts are transmitted to borrowers and depositors with a lag by banks and what reforms are needed to make interest rate more effective as a policy tool in the MPC hands...

  • The CAG and the Indian economic slowdown

    The CAG and the Indian economic slowdown

    21 months ago

    Indian economy was growing at a faster annual rate of 8 to 9 pc when brakes applied suddenly in 2011-12. The growth fell to around 6.2 pc in 2011-12 and 5 pc in 2012-13. An important contemporary phenomenon was taking shape simultaneously. An activist Comptroller and Auditor General crippled the...

  • Case for Endowment Power Subsidy for Farmers

    Case for Endowment Power Subsidy for Farmers

    21 months ago

    State Governments provide power subsidy to farmers and other under privileged sections. The pan India extent of subsidy for 2012-13, as per state budget documents, is Rs. 56000 crore. This brings out the commitment of the State Governments towards the support to farmers and the under privileged...

  • Suggestions for Justice Verma Committee for Safety and Security of Women

    Suggestions for Justice Verma Committee for Safety and Security of Women

    21 months ago

    The recent death of a young woman who was not only raped in a moving Delhi bus but also subjected to other severe physical harm in a most inhuman way is indeed tragic. There is no dearth of reports of similar crime against women and children elsewhere in the country. It is therefore, about time...

  • The enigma of Fermat's last theorem

    The enigma of Fermat's last theorem

    21 months ago

    The hardest mathematical problem ever, Fermat's last theorem has a checkered list of anecdotes on the attempts to solve it. Andrew Wiles, an English mathematician finally cracked it in 1995.

  • National (India) Food Security

    National (India) Food Security

    21 months ago

    Is our National Food Security threatened? One need not research any obscure statistics or necessarily be a great economist to answer this question in the affirmative. That National Food Security is under threat is plain apparent if only one takes...