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Hi, my name is Daniel Andrew from Nigeria, I am 17 years of age born in the year 2000, on the month of May 25th, I am the first child of my parents with five (5) younger simblings.

I am from a community called Okumbiri of Sagbama Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I schooled in a private school named "Bridging Gap Academy" and finished my basic education there in the year 2011 I also did my junior secondary school education in the same school and finished in the year 2014 and finished my senior secondary school education in a government public school named " Community Comprehensive Senior Secondary School Biogbolo Yenagoa Bayelsa State" in the year 2017. I have several hobbies such as studying, playing musical instruments like the piano, playing games (video games) and also singing etc. and I am good at them, thanks to GOD.

After I have finished my secondary school eduacation I, in order not to stay at home idle watching tv all day decided to go out in search of a job in a computer business center, that's because I went through computer trainning in my schooling period funded by my dad and acquired skills on computer desktop publishing and information management. So, I decided to use that to my advantage by getting a job. God so faithful, I met a man that owned a big computer business center named "CLASSIC COMPUTERS TRAINING INSTITUTE." who accepted me instantly even to my own supprise, so, I started work the next day on the 8th of July 2017 till date.

I am passionate about being an engineer, a technical one and also like working with the internet, so, I decided to search for a website on the internet that can let me work with them and Hubpages miraculously accepted me. I am so happy and greatful to Hubpages and the Hubpages community for giving me a chance to express myself and passions on the internet. Hubpages is also the first internet company that I have succesfully registered in and I thank them once again for giving me the chance.

Thank you.

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