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Staying home with two kids is challenging and rewarding. To maintain my sanity I pursue healthy and creative outlets. I love trail running, writing, hiking and camping, talking to adults, playing soccer, snowboarding, nordic skiing, and most anything else then entails being active outside in the fresh air under a beautiful sky.

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      • Profile Picture Size

        Profile Picture Size

        5 years ago

        Hello. I have uploaded a profile picture, but it is tiled and doesn't look as good as it could if it fit the screen just right. I am wondering if anyone knows what dimensions (in pixels) a profile picture should be...

      • Leaving Comments as Hub Author

        Leaving Comments as Hub Author

        5 years ago

        I have been here about a month and I am still trying to figure out how things work. How do you leave comments on your own hubs when you would like to reply to someone's comment? Do you simply post a new comment or use...

      • Newbie Needs Help: Hub "Needs Revision"

        Newbie Needs Help: Hub "Needs Revision"

        5 years ago

        Hello and thanks in advance for looking over my hub. This hub has been published for about 2 weeks and recently it says it "Needs Revision" based on deceptive tags, title or category. I revised and edited it...

      • Question about answering Questions

        Question about answering Questions

        5 years ago

        Hello folks. I have a question about answering questions in the Q&A section. I see there is a button so you can choose to write a hub as your answer. However, if you simply write an answer that is a complete answer,...

      • How do you determine Word Count?

        How do you determine Word Count?

        5 years ago

        Hello everyone. I am new to HubPages, and am wondering if there is a Word Count feature in the article template. If not, do people just paste the text into Word to determine the Word Count? Thanks for your answers. Hope...