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Jeff Mallinson (jeffreydjm)

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I know a lot about nothing and nothing about a lot and I'm sharing my knowledge with the world one Hub at a time.

Most Hubbers will write mostly on a specific topic or around a particular subject, I'm not like most Hubbers. I write about.. Well just about everything really! My Hubs are essentially the culmination of my thoughts and goings on and the inner workings of my mind as it were and there's bound to be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading my Hubs as much as I enjoyed writing them.

- jeffreydjm

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      • Something very wrong with your servers...

        Something very wrong with your servers...

        5 years ago

        Or so my error message reads when I go to click the "Continue" button on the first page of the hub creation process, just underneath where the boxes for tags are I will get the error message as follows:Very...

      • Search-Worthy Hubs

        Search-Worthy Hubs

        5 years ago

        Been on HubPages a while now and love the place! Enjoy writing about what's on my mind, what I'm interested in, teaching all my readers to do new things and especially making a somewhat small yet passive income on the...

      • How many page views do YOU get?

        How many page views do YOU get?

        5 years ago

        Just out of curisity.. I'm interested to know how many daily page views some my fellow hubbers typically get, I normally get around the 100 mark, purely organic through SEO, all hubs included. How many do you get? And...

      • Feedback for Latest Hub

        Feedback for Latest Hub

        6 years ago

        Hi there,I've been on HP for a little while now and recently published a new hub on bread (yes, as dull as it may seem). I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism on the layout and content on the Hub,...