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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I'm Kathy, and I hope to get to know you better. People have sometimes asked about my profile avatar. In June, 2011, my family vacationed in California, driving the entire distance from Kansas to the coast and back again. In the middle of hundreds of miles of desert, we discovered a telephone pole with a mailbox on top. Arrows, signs, stickers, and banners adorned it everywhere. It had a t-shirt wrapped around it, and we discovered a Texas license plate, a toothbrush, and a spoon attached to it, too. The way it pointed to everywhere, had lots of trivia, and was utterly unique reminded me of my life, which is why a photo of it became my profile avatar.

You see, I love to learn, and my craving for new experiences had led me in many directions. I've been a soldier, a drug and alcohol counselor, a Realtor, a prison guard, a mom, a wife, and in my latest incarnation, a homemaker and property manager/investor.

I like off-roading, collecting stuff (especially coins, stamps, and Bev Doolittle artwork), going camping, hunting morel mushrooms, boating, and fishing. I hibernate in winter by comparison to the warmer months, perhaps because I was raised in sunny Arizona. (Lemme tell ya, these midwestern winters get cold!)

My household contains two adults, four dogs, two cats, two exotic birds, a hamster, and a teenager. (I'm not sure how I stay busy now that I've left the labor force!)

I write for HubPages:

Social Media & Breakups

3 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

What Are the Dangers of Drugs & Alcohol?

And Squidoo:

Morel Morsels - Yum!

Optical Illusions

And Constant-Content.com, where you can purchase usage rights for many of the topics already published here as well as full rights to articles I have not published elsewhere:

Constant Content provides high-quality and SEO content for website managers to keep their websites fresh so they can continue to rank high on search engine results.

Kathy Batesel is a freelance writer and a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


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      • Is HP turning into spam or what?

        Is HP turning into spam or what?

        2 years ago

        I've been disenchanted with some things here lately, particularly since my traffic went from over a thousand hits a day to about 1/3 of that. Today, I did more than just check in on my stats and actually checked out a...

      • Views UP, Money Down

        Views UP, Money Down

        3 years ago

        I posted this question  to a few fellow hubbers on FB: "Why is it that my views are up, but the ad share pay is down?" A couple of people pointed out that advertisers may adjust their Google advertising...

      • Zazzle & HP

        Zazzle & HP

        4 years ago

        So Zazzle recently started advertising that's now appearing on HubPages. I design on Zazzle as well as writing here, and was surprised and thrilled to see one of my own designs from Zazzle featured in an ad on this...

      • When not featuring idled hubs on profile...

        When not featuring idled hubs on profile...

        4 years ago

        I recently read Simone's hub on this, but cannot find it again. It talked about how hubs would or would not be featured on our profiles if they're idle and the impact that our choice have on Google searches.Prior to...

      • Newbie earnings question

        Newbie earnings question

        5 years ago

        Hi, Several days this week there were notices saying earning calculations were pending. Today, I noticed that it no longer says that, but for August 10-11 it shows $0 earnings on my account - no asterisk or statement of...

      • Still Having Problems with Chrome

        Still Having Problems with Chrome

        5 years ago

        Hi, Posted a few days ago about a sudden problem I've been having with Chrome. Although I am no longer getting a "you can't access this" message, the remaining problems are still happening. Whenever I am in...

      • FIXED: Google Chrome and Permission to Access

        FIXED: Google Chrome and Permission to Access

        5 years ago

        I've been using Chrome to create and edit my hubs for quite a while now. Suddenly I've been having problems. A few days ago, I found that when pulling up a module to edit, and then going to another site to cut/paste its...

      • Page error

        Page error

        5 years ago

        I've tried to vote and make a comment several times on http://twinstimes2.hubpages.com/hub/How … l-Supplies and I keep getting an error message saying something went wrong and to post here if it doesn't stop. So...

      • Comments stopped?

        Comments stopped?

        5 years ago

        I made a change to my comments settings to allow anyone, not just logged in Hubbers, to post comments. Suddenly I'm getting few exposures from HP and ZERO comments or votes- since about 3 weeks (and five or six hubs)...

      • Nice knowing ya...

        Nice knowing ya...

        5 years ago

        You cannot promote your own writing as advertised, apparently. After the full problem that was posted at http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/91277 I got a final response saying: "The link to the site promoting your...

      • Frustrated enough to quit hubbing

        Frustrated enough to quit hubbing

        5 years ago

        I submitted a hub about the difference between assertive and aggressive women called "She's such a Bitch: So Why Does He Love Her?" and I can't figure out exactly what's blocking it from publication.The bots...