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I'm a retired U.S. soldier who moved to Sin City NV to help make a difference for the better here. During my 20 years in the military, I served as a communications technician, armorer (familiar with every hand-held, shoulder-fired weapon in the U.S.Army inventory), combat life-saver, chemical weapons defense and decontamination operations specialist, public affairs representative, multi-media illustrator, radio broadcaster, administrative operations specialist, equal employment opportunity representative, Desert Safety and Survival instructor, Unit History and OPFOR Operations instructor at the Soldier's Academy at NTC in CA, a mail handler, and a motor sergeant (anything on ten wheels or less, I can operate). How's that for being a jack-of-all-trades?

I live in Las Vegas NV, and yes, there are many well-endowed women here. I sport a set of 40DD's myself ;-)

I don't like the idea that the U.S. voters here are not being faithfully represented by the elected officials here and I think it's time for a change. No taxation without representation!

I'm as big of a loose cannon in real life as I am on the internet and that does raise a few eyebrows. My political affiliation is Democrat and I am a radical liberal with reasonable third-person standard views (most of the time). Just because I'm a Blue Dog does not mean I agree with everything my party does. I am also a congressional hopeful here in the great state of Nevada for 2014, in congressional district one.

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