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Jenna Pope has been writing short stories and articles for the past 10 years, and her work has appeared in several online publications, including Haute Mama Magazine, This Month Magazine, Dad's Divorce.com, Quietpoly Writers’ Magazine, Helium, Triond, Demand Media, The Daily Topic, Frazzled Families Magazine, and WebUpon, HealthMad, Socyberty, Gomestic and Authspot Magazines. She has also been published in literary magazines, Long Story Short, The Pow Wow Paper, Lily and Evening Street Review. She has won numerous short-story contests and had a short story published in the hardcopy winter, 2003 issue of AIM Magazine. Recently she was published in Holidays, an anthology.

Jenna and her husband have four grown children and four grandbabies. They live in Southern California with their sweet, rescued mutts and two very independent Persian cats.

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      • Hashtags


        5 years ago

        Does anyone use hashtags on Twitter when promoting your hubs? And, if so, how?

      • Article Kicked Back -- I'm Confused.

        Article Kicked Back -- I'm Confused.

        5 years ago

        my hub about dogs that don't shed had dog grooming products in the ads and links to other dogs that don't shed. But the article was kicked back for "unrelated links or products." What am I not understanding...

      • Pay-Per-Post Content Sites

        Pay-Per-Post Content Sites

        6 years ago

        I get really tired of writing a well-thought-out, researched article for $3, $4 or $5. It makes me feel unimportant. I have something important to say! LOL!So I'm sticking with Hub and seeing if I can direct more...

      • Incorrect Flagging

        Incorrect Flagging

        6 years ago

        I have received my third warning about violating Hub's policies.  The first warning was for swupposed "lewd content." None of my content was lewd and I notified HubPages of that. They took off the...

      • UA Code

        UA Code

        6 years ago

        I signed up 19 months ago.  I have returned to Hub after doing just a few hubs. I don't know where my UA code is to sign up for Google Analytics. Where do I find it?  (If they sent me an e-mail 19 months ago...